Deep Calls to Deep - 2012

Deep Calls to Deep - 2012
by Daniel Lamb

From chillout electronica to warm guitar melodies and romantic-style piano nocturnes, a nautical-themed instrumental album influenced by Sky Sailing, David Nevue, and Mannheim Steamroller.

The theme of this album was inspired by my family's adventures while living on a sailboat, as we travelled from Florida to Maine and back, to the Bahamas and Caribbean, to the Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico.

In the background of some of these recordings you can hear field recordings of waves and creaking sailboat rigging, crickets recorded where I live in the Colorado Rocky Mountains, and echoing vocal harmony. The instruments used vary from common ones like piano and guitar, to more unconventional ones like kalimba or two pieces of leather used as percussion (intro of A Breeze on a Moonlit Night).

I started writing this album in 2008, so the music is a combined expression of experiences from the last four years. The point of this music is not so much the notes as it is the feelings drawn from it.

The title "Deep Calls to Deep" comes from Psalm 42:6-8, (I like the poetic wording of these verses in the NIV) which goes along with the overall sweet/melancholy feel of the album. All praise and glory goes to Jesus Christ, to whom I owe everything.


-Daniel Lamb